Making Sense in the City

Francis Alÿs more

Francis Alÿs (Mexico/Belgium) has evolved to a worldclass artist being able to question society and the place of art therein by some very pointed actions.

Orla Barry more

0rla Barry (Ireland, 1969) lives and works in Brussels and Wexford. Orla Barry's work is about language, both written and spoken.

Hassan Darsi more

Hassan Darsi is a French Moroccan artist whose substantial training in Belgium has influenced his conceptual approach to making art works.

Els Dietvorst more

Els Dietvorst (Belgium) lives and works in Brussels. She is an artist with a great interest in communication, collaboration and social conflicts

Aglaia Konrad more

Since 1992, Aglaia Konrad has been adding a new dimension to the notion of 'architectural photography' by integrating her pictures into a spatial setting.

Rik Pinxten more

He is Director of the Centre for Intercultural Communication and Interaction and Professor in Anthropology.

Els Roelandt more

She is the publisher of A PRIOR MAGAZINE.

An van. Dienderen more

An van. Dienderen has a master in audiovisual arts (Sint-Lukas, Brussels) and a Phd in Comparative Sciences of Culture (Ghent University). She has made several documentaries screened worldwide and gives lectures and writes on anthropology.