Song for the Price of a Goat

Song for the Price of Goat. Postcards from a ghost Town.
A duo documentary by Els Dietvorst, Brussels-Sicily, 2002-2005.

Song for the Price of a Goat
"This film originates from an intense desire to be closer to nature.
That moment I met Luigi. Luigi is an Italian shepherd, living in Brussels. I followed him for two years and was supported by the writings of Rousseau. His last book Les rêveries du promeneur solitaire was especially helpful. I also had my diary which I kept for two years.
This film shows Luigi as a human being and shows his life. A life that completely goes against the rhythm of today's society. I see Luigi as a contra-symbol of this communication and consumption society. He walks with his herd along the borders of Brussels. Every day the same road, every day the same rhythm.
I followed him and tried to use the camera as a part of myself. I filmed in an intuitive way and tried not to get fixed on film techniques. I filmed with a small camera and with the existing light. This way I became part of the film.
I tried to picture the relationship between Luigi and I as honestly as possible.
This film is a homage to pureness, happiness, slowness. And to Luigi."
Els Dietvorst

Postcards from a Ghost Town
In October 2004 Els Dietvorst traveled to Lampedusa, Southern Italy, for a two week stay. Lampedusa, an island between Sicily and Tunisia, is the birthplace of Luigi’s ancestors. Tourism and fishing are the main sources of income on the island.
It is a place where, surely in December, nothing happens. And if something happens, it assumes vast proportions. Refugee boats tie up and flood the island. Through conversations with inhabitants, Els Dietvorst came across conflicting interests.

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