The King's Children

A film, a book and an artwork in the youth prison in Mol.

The film
The King's Children is a film about three youngsters who are detained in the youth prison in Mol. The prison houses about forty adolescents. Some of them are there for a short time; others spend several years of their lives in the prison. In the film, we follow three youngsters. With them, Els Dietvorst films their lives, their dreams, their expectations and their fears. The film also gives a look inside a youth institution.

The book
This book is the result of an intense collaboration with six youngster from the youth prison in Mol. Els Dietvorst had many conversations with them and worked with them in different workshops: drawing, painting and writing. The book is a 'welcome present' for every youngster who enters the prison. Inside the book one can find postcards that can be taken out and sent.
The book is available at Firefly. Price: € 13,75 (+ € 2 postage).

The artwork
The artwork was made inside the prison. The new building was conceived by the architects with the colours grey and black. Els Dietvorst worked together with a group of youngsters on an emotional colour card. Every cell door has a different colour based on positive feelings or dreams.