The Stone Road

Orla Barry more

0rla Barry (Ireland, 1969) lives and works in Brussels and Wexford. Orla Barry's work is about language, both written and spoken.

Wim Cuyvers more

Wim Cuyvers’ (Belgium, 1958) way of working is about accepting the unacceptable life condition. He cannot really believe in language or institute. He wants to concentrate on the human instead of the social and sees space as something that might be able to take place between people.

Els Dietvorst more

Els Dietvorst (Belgium) lives and works in Brussels. She is an artist with a great interest in communication, collaboration and social conflicts

Nikolaus Gansterer more

Nikolaus Gansterer (Austria, 1974) lives and works in Antwerp and Vienna. His visual work deals with mapping processes of invisibility, often in the context of performative acts.

Johanna Kirsch more

Johanna Kirsch (Austria, 1980) experiments and reworks individual expressions of concepts such as autonomy and freedom and takes a look at the dynamics and flexibility of the borders defining these concepts.