The Stone Road

(On Track. Off Track. Memorising the Mid-World. Walking the Fifth-Space)
Exhibition in argos, from May, 2 till June, 26, in the frame of kunstenfestivaldesarts

The N6, better known as the “Bergense Steenweg”, links Brussels with Bergen; the city centre with the suburbs. This busy traffic artery cuts unpredictably through the landscape, giving a rapidly alternating view of outlandishly unorganised architecture, traces of industrial decline, desolate areas of no-man’s-land, run down discotheques and cheap mega stores. Sometimes tired, then lonely, them bustling with life, it cuts a straight line through Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia and penetrates the Belgian language barriers of Flemish and French. Orla Barry (IE), Els Dietvorst (B), Wim Cuyvers (B), Johanna Kirsch (AT), Nikolaus Gansterer (AT) form a temporary collective of artists from several disciplines who were formed to research this phenomenon which is so typical of the Belgian and now of the universal urban landscape. An ignored traffic ridden space.

For months they roamed the N6. Individually, walking, cycling or hitching along a road not constructed for such pursuits each artist progressed at their own rhythm, with their own purpose and their own box of tools. One making an inventory of the bus stops, another trying to integrate her body into the urban landscape, another avoiding the road at every possibility. The result of this research is ‘The Stone Road (On Track. Off Track. Memorising the Mid-World. Walking the Fifth-Space)’ an exhibition containing, collections of photos, fictions, models, video material and video installations. We have also produced a newspaper, Bienvenue, containing elements of research and work in progress entitled 'Bienvenue' and a series of performances gathered together under the title NIGHTSHOP.

NIGHT SHOP. Readings. Performances. Screenings. Streamings.
Performance, 9/05/09 at Beursschouwburg in the frame of the kunstenfestivaldesarts

“They are there to get some soap, to wash off the stink of the road, to buy some beer and some Nutellea to feed their sugar starved souls.” In this ‘NIGHT SHOP’ the members of the N6 group Els Dietvorst, Orla Barry, Wim Cuyvers, Johanna Kirsch and Nikolaus Gansterer will share their last reactions to a project they submitted themselves to for two years. In these readings, drawing performances, screenings and steamings they attempt to share with a audience in a live context the fragility of putting oneself out there alone on the N6, Bergensesteenweg/Chaussée de Mons. They draw the trip, reproduce the dead ends, the side tracks, the T-junctions, the roundabouts, the disconcentrations, the traffic, the street walkers, the desolate bus-stops, the strange poetry of bi-lingual street signs and shop fronts. They will give a testimony of the stories they found or invented along the N6; stories that deal with the individuality of our society, the growing aggression, the solitude, the hopelessness and the continued gobbling of the landscape by the concrete web.

Bienvenue, the first Newspaper, is available (for free) at Firefly