Hassan Darsi

Hassan Darsi is a French Moroccan artist whose substantial training in Belgium has influenced his conceptual approach to making art works. In effect, Darsi’s work often exists as a kind of dialogue between this background in a rigorous, conceptual approach to making art and his involvement in social actions involving art. For example, he has been extremely active in Casablanca in initiating and managing artist-run projects with a strong social engagement. Pattern and decorative forms, both traditional and the distillation of these within contemporary Morrocan culture, often play a part in the work he makes. In some cases such as in the works using the image of the lion – the symbol of Morocco in addition to all of its other global resonance as an image – have a strong political position. In other works, established Moroccan visual motifs such as the decoration of popular photographers’ studios, are incorporated into the new meta-images he makes through a social process.

Firefly projects with Hassan Darsi: