Johanna Kirsch

Johanna Kirsch (Austria, 1980) experiments and reworks individual expressions of concepts such as autonomy and freedom and takes a look at the dynamics and flexibility of the borders defining these concepts. The work deals with the discovery of possibilities for checking the in-between spaces of self-definition and self-determination in cross-reaction with the social structures of space and the validity of their existing rules, limits and borders.
This can be a very physical procedure and her own body becomes a test dummy for such experiments; like crossing space using no given path or deconstructing and executing a road movie by living it or in becoming part of an environment and infiltrating it through actions like climbing, sneaking and attaching the body to it.
The last few years she has been living all over Europe and has shown her work in different contexts such as film festivals, exhibitions and site-specific projects. Her work has often taken the form of installations or performances. At the moment she lives and works in situ between the cities of Brussels and Vienna.

Firefly projects with Johanna Kirsch: