Nikolaus Gansterer

Nikolaus Gansterer (Austria, 1974) lives and works in Antwerp and Vienna. His visual work deals with mapping processes of invisibility, often in the context of performative acts. In his installation works Gansterer focuses on the translation of processes emerging from cultural and scientific networks. By rejecting a strict differentiation of these two areas and through a consequent recombination of methods and settings from both fields, he finds unique lines of connection and division questioning the imaginary threshold between nature, culture, religion, art and civilization. Since 1998 Gansterer has been occupied with several on-going projects that explore the ‘transacoustic’. He founded the Institute for Transacoustic Research and co-founded the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra.
Some recent presentations include Living and Working in Vienna II, Kunsthalle, Vienna. Sonar Festival, CCCB, Barcelona. Moving Patterns, ACF, New York. Trichtlinnburg, Salzburger Kunstverein. Architecture of Interaction, Chisenhale Gallery London, Hard Rock Walzer, Villa Manin, Udine.

Firefly projects with Nikolaus Gansterer: