Wim Cuyvers

Wim Cuyvers’ (Belgium, 1958) way of working is about accepting the unacceptable life condition. He cannot really believe in language or institute. He wants to concentrate on the human instead of the social and sees space as something that might be able to take place between people. He has worked in many forms including built spaces, video, texts, urban researching, speeches, shoutings, performances, installations. He cannot think of his work as projects anymore: he's going to live and work in the dark woods.
He has had solo shows in de Singel (Antwerp) and Stroom (the Hague). He participated in many (architecture and art) group exhibitions such as Archilab in Orléans n 2004 and Homeward, Contemporary Architecture in Flanders Antwerp, Bordeaux, Rome, Venice, Plymouth, 2000. He published a monography in 1995, a nameless book together with the artist Marc De Blieck in 2002 and the book Text on Text in 2005. He was laureate of the Cultuurprijs Architectuur of the Flemish Community in 2005

Firefly projects with Wim Cuyvers: