Firefly is a workplace, run for and by artists, which takes Places of Existence as the starting point for the production of artistic creations in widely varying forms.

Firefly is a workplace for the visual arts and sees the concept of a ‘workplace’ as a place without preconditions where artists are given the mental time and space to engage in research and reflection together and where an artistic product is a possible outcome.
Firefly is a workplace with a collective working method. Although it is headed by artists (Orla Barry/Els Dietvorst), it does not revolve around their individual work practices. For each project, a number of artists with parallel interests, but from differing cultural backgrounds and from different disciplines, are invited to join a temporary collective. Firefly stimulates young artists who are just starting out, to take part in projects or even to start up their own projects and involves more established artists in an alternative process which can be a parallel stimulator to their personal practices. read more

Firefly focuses on experimental creative processes in which dialogue with a chosen site and the participation of the ‘Other’ (from another society, country or culture, or simply ‘the Other’) are of primary importance. Firefly believes that art should relate to society and be able to enter into dialogue with a social fabric on the basis of the artist’s subjective and singular point of view.
In our projects we focus directly and indirectly on certain fault lines in the urban context or rural context. We opt purposefully for an extreme situation: to go out into the streets, to work from their and to share our work as a kind of open source with the other artists in the project. Firefly considers the process as being as important as the result. We attach a great deal of importance to the research and social aspect of our artistic practices. This process is always documented in several media (textual and visual material in publications or on the website).
The end product of a Firefly project is always visual and may take any of several forms video installation, film, performance, books, sculptures, lectures supplemented by publications and a website that clarify and put into context the process that has taken place as part of each project.
Firefly sees Brussels as its home base, but thinks in global and international terms, and travels nomadically to various cities and their suburbs.
For the production and presentation of its projects, Firefly is able to rely on a broad network of partners both in Belgium and abroad.


Firefly vzw

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Firefly team


Artistic coordination

Els Dietvorst

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Orla Barry

Financial Coordination

Astrid Bonduel